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Feel free to call and ask us about our wide selection of video surveillance solutions. From analog to IP to TVI Quad-brid solutions.

We have more than just equipment… We have solutions!

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New features added to our Analytic NVRs such as…

    • Line Crossing Detection Alarm & Recording
    • Intrusion Detection Alarm & Recording
    • People Counting
    • Smart Search
    • Foreign & Missing Object Search
    • License Plate Search
    • VCA Search for Facial Analysis
    • Heat Mapping (Thermal recognition)

OK, let’s Explore

Our “Smart Tracker” PTZ model can follow moving targets automatically…


OK, what about cloudy day resolutions

Our 2MP & 4MP IP cameras – Click pictures for actual size…

TAS_TAS_IP Camera3_20140910130240_254582
4MP in dim light

Sunny Days (2MP)…(click on it to access original size)






What is your business? – we help protect in HD!

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A word about Warranty:
Beware of online DIY outlets, as most may have warranty issues, such as for instance. There are many others. Please keep in mind that not all online purchase-sites back their warranties like we do. Sites other than those properly sanctioned as official distributors may not be able to stand behind the manufacturer’s warranty!
Rest assure that we are an authorized distributor.
If you do purchase or had purchased Hikvision or Dahua cameras, DVR’s, or NVR’s from these sites, beware, they are considered to be “Grey Market”.  ONLY Authorized Distributors of Hikvision, PerfectView, ICRealtime, and Dahua products may offer warranties.