About Us

Roach-Reid Business Systems, Inc. is a distributor of Business Recording and Telecommunications solutions. Whether business telephones or security video solutions RRBS distributes and/or records audio and video.

The company was founded in 1906 by J. Herbert Roach and Robert Reid, who were business associates of Thomas A. Edison. They became the original distributor for the Edison wax cylinder dictation/transcription machine for business.

Today, Roach-Reid Business Systems Inc. is an Ohio and Southern Michigan company that specializes in the sales and support of all the following products…

* VoIP Telephone and Voice Mail Systems

* Surveillance Video Systems (TVI, Analog and IP video), including interview room recording systems.

* Dictation Solutions (With or without Speech Recognition)

* “Voice Logging” for “call centers” and 911 PSAPs (compatible with all makes of telephone systems and line services, SIP, analog, or PRI etc.).

* Intercoms with built-in video

* Town Hall Meeting Rm. Recording

* Medical Transcription Services

From 1906 to 1971, The Roach-Reid Company represented Thomas A. Edison Industries, Division of McGraw-Edison Company, as distributor for Edison Voice writer Dictation Equipment in Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan.

In 1972, The Roach-Reid Company became the exclusive distributor for Lanier Business Products in Northern Ohio, and since have grown into a multifaceted audio recording and telecommunications business.

After the turn of the millennium we partnered with Crescendo for our dictation solution. Crescendo’s Digi-scribe product brings even greater features and reliability for today’s record distribution in environments such as in health care.

Roach-Reid Business Systems is an authorized dealer for Toshiba PBX and VoIP solutions since the early 80’s.  Today,  Mitel,  NEC – and we have our own SIP services to complement them to help reduce your monthly recurring charges.

For NG911 or other types of Call Centers, our digital voice recorders can integrate with other systems for an even greater understanding of situational events that transpires during crucial calls. Ask us for details~

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