Newest line with HD audio and Bluetooth pairing with your Smartphone

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We host services as well as work with your favorite choice of line services, SIP, PRI etc.. We offer a nice list of industry leading phones for making your business telephones (whether SIP or VoIP) fit your needs. You can consult with us first and ease into the proper choice that comforts you. We specialize in medium to large-sized phone systems, yet cater to the small company as well. 

Yes, we have an assortment of telephone styles that will fit your business’ specific needs. More importantly we add value and provide a full voice solution for your telephony goals, including Customization, Training, After-Purchase Support, and complete service for your facility/facilitates business – We’ll support you all the way through the process and the lifetime of your system!

Whether you prefer a localized VoIP solution (referred to as “premises-based”), or prefer having the brains of your next phone system located in the cloud (referred to as a “hosted” solution), we can explain either/both to help find what best fits you!

Speaking of choices, we still offer the good ol’ digital business phone solution too.  Furthermore, a hybrid option of both could be just the ticket to make you feel comfortable knowing you’re in both worlds as your company moves forward, protecting your communications investment.

Thinking to move towards VoIP at some future point? How about this?…  an internal VoIP solution today that works as a good old digital system and allows for the traditional way of phone line services, then making a future move into the world of Pure VoIP at a time when it best fits your company’s objectives without fork-lifting out your current system. We can deliver such a business model.

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Please give us a call~ We will visit you to find what best fits you! Serving NW Ohio and So. Michigan since 1906

Our assortment of telephone types can help end your search whether starting out new or simply adding-on to your existing system. 








And of course variance of all  models are available – these are examples.

We offer phones with  WiFi built in, while others may offer a cordless phone for sharing the extension.

All models support headsets and some directly compatible with Bluetooth.

We have models that can pair up with you cell phone’s bluetooth while at the office. Simply pick up your desk phone when a cell call comes in!

Do you have TOSHIBA? We are your one stop shop for ongoing support for your Toshiba brand solution too!

Wanting to expand your current system? Are you in need of service? Do you simply have a question about your Toshiba phones?
Please call us!

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